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General Information

Kastamonu Vocational School of Higher Education, one of the vocational schools of higher education established to meet the need for semi-skilled personnel the country looks for, pursues its educational activities with 10 undergraduate programs in order to produce information and technology, distribute the scientific data, to contribute to the development on the national basis and to increase the quality of industry and technology.

Having been founded on 11th March 1976 under the program of “Formal Technical Education” by the Ministry of National Education, the school launched its educational activities with only the undergraduate program of building and till 1982 the school used the physical facilities of different schools in the city centre. With its integration with Ankara University in 1982, the school underwent the process of rapid development. In 1986, the school was moved to its current 600-acres campus area, 7 km far from the city centre. The school joined to Kastamonu University in 2006.

Today, our school pursues its educational activities in a distinguished campus area which possesses natural beauties, facilities where social, cultural and sports activities can be held and provides the students with any kind of requirements they ask for from an educational institution. The graduates of technical programmes are awarded with the title of “TECHNICIAN” and the ones from undergraduate program of Economics and Administrative Sciences are awarded with the title of “VOCATIONAL STAFF”.

The main objective of technical education is to become more productive by improving the quality of labor force. The school has a well-established structure which can serve as a good model for the other vocational schools, the number of which has been increasing steadily and the school attempts to put into practice many projects in an effort to pursue its educational activities in line with modern education methods.